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You may search our list of members to learn more about who they are and what they do, and you may want to find a futurist for your organization. Some of our members are very public working on high profile projects in the private sector, while others are focused on classified work for public agencies.

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Learn more about futurists and what we do.

Our members go by many different titles: professional futurists, strategic foresight professionals, change strategists, technological futurists, foresight practitioners, innovation managers. But we all share certain methods: scenarios, complexity, emerging futures, horizon scanning, alternative futures, and visioning to name a few. Together we hone our skills and knowledge to help our clients navigate uncertain futures.

Futurists work in large and small businesses, governments and non-profits, and as teachers or researchers in education. Some may work as third party consultants while others work internally with an organization as permanent staff. Many futurists focus on one topic such as a technology or an industry. Other futurists study broad social changes or global problems. Futurists tend to take a much broader perspective, consider longer time horizons, and include many more factors in a study than analysts such as economists, technology specialists, social critics or political commentators.