Register for Our Global Futures Festival!

If you have not already heard, we are hosting our 3rd annual Global Futures Festival this Friday. The global futures festival is virtual gathering using Zoom Video Conferencing. To find out more about it and to register click here:

Kicking off from Europe and Africa to the Americas, and ending in Australasia, this festival of learning will “follow the sun” for 12 hours of hands-on content and discussion (noon to midnight, EDT/NYC). It all kicks off September 15, 2017 Noon 12:00 PM – September 16 Midnight 12:00 AM (New York, EDT/US).

This gathering offers interactive presentations from leading futurists around the globe. Join us to watch and interact with leading pro futurists and foresight practitioners and share insights, experiences, and ideas.

This year, we have 3 themes, mixed reality, populism, and teaching futures. The best part is that it is free and open to the public. Click the link above to register, and you will have a front row seat to listen to and interact with some of our most prestigious members including:

  • Wendy Schulz
  • Cindy Frewen
  • Nur Anisah
  • Katie King/Team
  • Linda Groff
  • Jim Lee
  • Maya van Leemput
  • Alethia Montero Baena
  • Tom Lombardo
  • Barry Vacker
  • Andy Hines
  • Willow Pryor
  • Eric Kingsbury and Team
  • Paul Tero
  • Madhu Ardhanari
  • Claire Nelson
  • Sohail Inayatullah

Clear your schedule, find a comfortable spot, set up your favorite food and drink, put on your headset, kick back, and be ready to be amazed! If you are in a place with a cluster of futurists, organize a common meeting place and engage locally while connecting globally. Volunteer now to host a Futures Festival Global hub and make this extended virtual futures experience even more worthwhile.

This Global Futures Festival will be free and open to the public but the maximum seating is 100 people at a time.