Association of Professional Futurists

APF Organizational Members

Organizational members represent 16% of the APF membership and are a core constituency of leaders in foresight and in the APF.

Arup Foresight, a global firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists with APF members in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne. APF members: Chris Luebkeman, Francesco Birks, Marcus Morrell, and Josef Hargrave.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) uses science to solve real issues. Our research makes a difference to people, industry and the planet. APF Members: Stefan Hajkowicz.

Data61 provides consulting and advisory services to governments, companies and peak industry bodies using their Strategic Insight toolkit which they couple with a data-driven evidence base. Data61’s offering combines CSIRO’s world-class research excellence with the client-responsiveness of top-tier consulting firms. Offices are located across Australia. APF members: Rob Hanson, George Quezada, Lucy Cameron, Alexandra Bratanova, Stefan Hajkowicz, and Rocio Ponce Reyes.

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Fontys ACI), Futures Research and Trendwatching focuses on research towards future social and technological development in innovation processes, vision development, and determining strategies within organizations. Located in Tilberg, The Netherlands. APF members: Erica Bol, Christianne Heselmans, and Tessa Cramer.

Foresight Alliance, an innovative consulting firm offering foresight, strategy, and research for organizations, in Washington DC, London, and Houston. APF members: Josh Calder, Bill Croasmun, Roumiana Gotseva, Terry Grim, Mark Justman, Christopher Kent, and Kristin Nauth.

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai is the agency of the Dubai Government that regulates the residency of foreign nationals and the entry and exit of international travelers to and from the Emirate of Dubai. APF Members: Sulaiman Al Kaabi, Faisal Abdullah Bin Belaila Al Muhairi, Maryam Mohammed Bin Hammad AlSaabri.

House of Futures, a private non-profit association in Copenhagen who co-creates sustainable, joyful futures with businesses, organizations, and leaders. APF members: Gitte Larsen, Sorean Steen Olsen, and Steen Svendsen.

Institute for the Future (IFTF), a non-profit research firm founded in 1968 by a group of former RAND Corporation researchers to take leading-edge research methodologies into the public and business sectors, located in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto California. APF members: Jake Dunagan, Lyn Jeffery, and Miriam Lueck Avery.

Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF), a leader in the creation of preferred futures, founded by Alvin Toffler, Jim Dator, and Clem Bezold in 1977, based in Alexandria VA. APF members: Clem Bezold, Jonathan Peck, Eric Meade, Yasemin Arikan, Marguerite Grandjean, and Trevor Thompson.

Kairos Future, an international research and consulting firm that helps companies understand and shape their future, based in Stockholm. APF members: Mats Lindgren, Hans Banhold, Eric Herngren, and Jorgen Jedbratt.

Kantar Consulting is a specialist growth consultancy. With over 1,000 analysts, thought leaders, software developers and expert consultants we help clients develop and execute brand, marketing, retail, sales and shopper strategies to deliver growth. APF Members: Lloyd Burdett, Bridget Wood.

Kedge Futures, experts in foresight, innovation, and strategic design, empowers organizations to build strategic thinking, planning, and action, and create the future they want. Kedge is located in Orlando FL. APF members: Frank Spencer, Yvette Montero Salvatico, and Nicole Baker.

KerrSmith Design is a multidisciplinary research and design studio specializing in complexity, futures and innovation. We work with a range of businesses and organizations to reframe challenges, create strategies and integrate designed solutions of products or systems. We have developed insights and innovations for clients in a wide variety of fields, including the educational, financial, cultural, retail, healthcare, developer and public sectors. APF Members: Helen Kerr.

Leading Futurists LLC, a futures consultancy that works to make futures insights accessible, meaningful, and useful to managers and executives, based in Washington DC. APF members: Jennifer Jarratt, John Mahaffie, and Katherine Green.

OCAD University Strategic Foresight and Innovation recognizes the increasing importance and need for new thinking skills to positively impact society, enhance business success and manage organizational change. Launched in 2009, this program aims to create a new kind of designer who is also strategist and innovator. Location: Toronto Canada. APF members: Lenore Richards, Greg Van Alstyne, Nabil Harfoush, Suzanne Stein, and Stuart Candy.

Shaping Tomorrow is a multi-award winning, one-stop, global research shop helping busy people and organizations mitigate risk & uncertainty and exploit opportunities & innovations for future growth & profits more effectively than rivals. The company helps 12,000 members and 7,000 organizations make better decisions today through mastery of AI-driven horizon scanning, real-time strategic thinking, collaborative research, systematic innovation, risk and change management, competitive intelligence, scenario planning and continuous action. APF members also have access to the automated service. APF members: Dr. Mike Jackson, Dennis Draeger, Walter Kehl.

Sparks Grove, an experience design firm, using insight, foresight, strategy, design, and development to transform businesses into more human-centered, purpose-driven organizations. APF members: Leigh Cook, Sandjar Kozubaev, and Minsoo Pak.

SAMI Consulting is a safe alternative to the ‘big four’ consultancies and independent consultants. Their model comprises a pool of tried-and-tested consultants allowing them to handpick the team that is a perfect match for each project. Their futures experts have delivered over 200 foresight and strategy projects in 21 countries. APF members: Martin Duckworth, Cathy Dunn, Nick Jackson, David Lye, Yasamina ‘Mina’ McBride, Paul Moxey, Mike Owen, John Reynolds, Gill Ringland, Richard Walsh, Huw Williams.

The Futures Company is a global strategic insight and innovation firm with a team of consultants, researchers and futures experts, based in London, Chapel Hill, New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and Singapore. APF members: Joe Ballantyne, Andrew Curry, Karina Marshall, Ryan McConnell, and Lee Shupp.

Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Futures Studies commenced in Fall 2002. Its major objective is to integrate various disciplines to meet the megatrend of the “learning revolution.” The Institute emphasizes a transdisciplinary approach in facing the new era of globalization, information-oriented education and future-oriented education. The Institute also puts great emphasis on the local society’s historical and cultural development in a broader context of globalization. The Institute publishes a quarterly periodical, the Journal of Futures Studies, and coordinates scholarly discussions via international conferences, workshops, and scholar-exchange activities. APF members: Shun-Jei Ji, Meimei Song,  and Kuo-Hua Chen.

The Rockefeller Foundation supports work that expands opportunity and strengthens resilience to social, economic, health, and environmental challenges. Founded in 1913 in New York, the Foundation publishes monthly Searchlight trend analysis reports and supports other foresight initiatives. APF members: Claudia Juech, Evan Michelson, and Kerry Brennan.

The APF welcomes new organizational members. If you have questions, please contact Cindy Frewen or Maree Conway.
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