Association of Professional Futurists

APF Awards

In order to promote the futures field to the public and to recognize the work of professional futurists and others whose work illuminates one or more aspects of the future, APF hosts several programs including awards and other forms of recognition. Through these programs, we are developing models of excellence for applied foresight practitioners to emulate and for others to gain a better understanding of the field.

Excellence in Leadership

These awards are presented to members whose efforts have exceeded several criteria: she or he created an important initiative, led it to a successful program over five years, and is handing it over to another generation.

Emerging Fellows

This program identifies new practitioners who show promise and provides one or two year fellowships under the guidance of an exemplary professional.

Most Significant Futures Works

This award recognizes excellent publications in methods, content areas, and images of the future and is an annual program.

Student Recognition Program

This program celebrates papers by graduate and undergraduate students, and it is also an annual program.