Association of Professional Futurists

APF Board

The APF Board consists of nine members who are recommended by the general membership and brought forward by the Nominations Committee for final voting by the board. The board is a working board that oversees governance and operations of APF, which remains an all-volunteer organization.

The Nominations Committee makes a deliberate effort to ensure representation on the Board that reflects the membership’s global diversity and specific needs for governance and operations. The Committee is chaired by Garry Golden and consists of volunteer APF members.


The Board elects a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer from its membership. Meetings are held up to nine times a year via web conferencing. The Board may also meet in person to coincide with an APF event or another major futures event. Every three years the Board hosts a planning retreat. The first strategic planning retreat was held in Washington DC in Feb 27- March 1, 2011 (strategic plan 2011-2013). The second strategic planning retreat was held in Atlanta, Georgia Feb 4-6, 2014 (strategic plan 2014-2016). The third strategic planning retreat was held in Reston, Virginia Jan 5-7, 2017 (strategic plan 2017 – 2019).

Current Board Members

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If you have any questions or need more information about the Board’s operations, please send an email to:

Past APF Board Members

The first APF board was constituted in 2002 and consisted of nine members: Peter Bishop, Michele Bowman, Sandy Burchsted, Tom Conger, Mike de Bettencourt, Bob Hahn, Andy Hines, Jennifer Jarratt, and Herb Rubenstein. Randy Scheel served as the Executive Director, a role later assumed by Andy Hines.

APF Founding Members

In honor of the Fifteen-Year Anniversary, the current Board of Directors would like to say thank you to the founding members of the Association of Professional Futurists. These members have remained in good standing since the inception. Each played a critical role, or in many cases, multiple roles in the APF’s continued success.

This group represents fourteen board members, three board chairs, multiple committee chairs, and four Most Significant Futures Works authors. Many were not only founders of the APF but also created initiatives. Much appreciation is due to this group, who had the foresight and leadership to begin a new organization for professional futurists. Thanks to each of you!

Two other members should be remembered, recently passed. Joe Coates was a founder and pillar of the professional futures community for decades. Ken Harris started the Most Significant Futures Works program, ran it until 2014, and is fondly remembered by all.