Association of Professional Futurists

Excellence in Leadership

Excellence in Leadership awards are presented to members whose efforts have exceeded several criteria: she or he created an important initiative, led it to a successful program over five years, and is handing it over to another generation. With the bar set so high, only one other certificate has been awarded.

4396544 In 2012, Verne Wheelwright, Personal Futures, was recognized for creating and implementing the Student Recognition Program. With the Student Recognition Program, Verne developed a program that has introduced the APF to students and opened the APF to talent emerging from universities around the world. Verne’s initiative defines the Excellence in Leadership award which is why he was the first to receive it.

In 2015, Maree Conway and Ken Harris were recognized for their service.

4396374Maree Conway, Thinking Futures, took APF’s membership data from an unruly mess of several lists and incomplete information to a full-fledged database that links profiles and engagement to financial and membership for each member. This fully integrated system enables members to maintain and access their own data. Furthermore, Maree nurtured the program through the first five years, communicating with members and managing their questions and concerns. Maree’s work put the APF on firm footing as a proficiently-run organization.

kenharrisKen Harris, The Consilience Group and Tech Cast, founded the Most Significant Futures Works awards program in 2007 which recognizes excellent publications in professional futures works. Initially a virtual book club, under Ken’s leadership, MSFW grew to an annual program with awards in three categories: methods, content, and images of the future. Ken managed heated differences with smooth leadership, practicality and evidence. This award was presented posthumously to Ken’s widow. Ken is deeply missed in the APF community.