Association of Professional Futurists

Yoonsik Choi

President of Asia Futures HT Institute, Director of Futures Studies in Technology and Society at SUNY Korea
Youngin city / Kyunggi-do / Korea, Republic of / Asia


Professional Background
Futures Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Management
Areas of Expertise
Futures Studies, Consulting, Teaching, Coaching
Short Biography
Hello, my name is Yoonsik Choi. I am a professional futurist in Korea. I am also a nonprofit organization consultant and founder and chairman of AFHI as well. I reside in Seoul, South Korea. This is the first private institute for futures studies in Korea.

I was also Director of Futures Studies in Technology and Society at SUNY(The State University of New York) Korea.

I do some training and development consulting work providing organization management skills, educational harassment, and integration of cultural/generational diversity training, as well human resources/talents development.

I attained bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from JB national University. I attained a master's degree in Theology from Chongshin University in South Korea. Future Studies in UHCL is my second master’s degree.I am experienced in UOP (University of Phoenix) doctoral journey that is DM (Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership) program as well.

I takes active roles in many fields; a Director of Asia Futures HT Institute, a representative of Asia Future Society, a head coach of future creative innovation and strategy forum in The Federation of Korean Industries, a committee member of the Ministry of Health-low birthrate and aging society, a president of Futures Group, and etc.

Other than that, I also act as consultant and instructor in regards to futures based on my studying-future forecasting and foresight futures, strategy of futures business, systemic thinking skill, futures monitoring, and etc.- for government, internal and external businesses such as Samsung, LG, Posco, nonprofit organizations, even individuals.

Over the past decade, I have monitored changes, constructed scenarios, and presented alternative futures in various areas(like STEEP) in Korea, Asia, and the world.

I consult government agencies, politicians, businesses, intelligence agencies, etc. with scenarios I created. In particular, the company conducted a variety of workshops and training on future research.

I have also conducted various futures research projects with government agencies and businesses.

The research center I run is training about 30 students by creating specialized courses for futures studies. I learn future studies curriculum by participating company representatives or strategy experts.

Every my works was accomplished by three key words; discernment, future, and creation. Based on the key words in my mind, it works well to see through and support the reality of our society, businesses, and individuals to go on right direction.

I published more than 20 books that are not only read by Korean, but also other Asian countries in translated versions. The books was published in China, Japan, and Taiwan as well. One of my books, <2030 Futures>, was ranked in first of the Japanese Amazon best seller right after it has published.