Association of Professional Futurists

Erica Bol

Conscious Future Designer - freelance projects
Ulvenhout / The Netherlands / Europe


Professional Background
Communication and Designmanagement / Retail Design
Areas of Expertise
Creative Visionair, Strategic Foresight, Concept Development, Conscious Innovation, Change Maker, Entrepreneurship, Competency Building
Other organisation memberships
Foresight European Network (FEN)
Dutch Future Society (DFS)
Millennium Node - the Netherlands
Visionary Ethics Foundation (FEV)
Trendnetwerk - Trendslator
Short Biography
Erica is a futurist, who is passionate about creating a sustainable future. She has an entrepreneurial mindset and believes that thinking about the future is critical for solving today’s problems.

Erica works as a freelance conscious innovation consultant. She uses creativity, trend insights, market research and (academic) literature to think about, develop and initiate new ideas, programs, services and products. She spends a lot of time envisioning the future and integrating others in this process. She is passionate about creating a sustainable future and uses her future thinking skills, strategic thinking skills, design thinking skills and drive for sustainability to create new ways to develop a better world and to involve others in this journey.

Erica supports companies and organisations in fostering a culture that encourages true innovation and holistic thinking. She brings in design-oriented innovation methods and skills, facilitates and guides innovation processes and seeds cultural change. Next to working with organisations, Erica also works on her own initiatives that give meaning to a more sustainable world.

In 2014 she started working on the Teach the Future initiative. In order to get the next generation to recognise the importance of sustainability and proactively engage in changing the world is to teach them the future. She proposes that teaching the future encompasses teaching how to anticipate and manage uncertainty and ambiguity. Moreover it is critical to master the basis of change, that is, to understand that change is unavoidable and that thinking about the future allows us to proactively create more preferable outcomes.