Association of Professional Futurists

Sulaiman Al Kaabi

Future Foresight Foundation
Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) / Middle East


Professional Background
GBN Scenario building.
Areas of Expertise
Foresight methods, Scenario planning (GBN), Arabic Speaker
Other organisation memberships
World Future Society
Short Biography
I occupy the post of Head of Innovation and Future Forsight Department at Abu Dhabi Police, since 2017, which I highlighted the importance of establishing a center dedicated to forecasting the future at Abu Dhabi Police, a center which aims at spreading such a concept among staff as well as the public. I also called for applying future foresight tools in various police departments. Since that time, I launched several initiatives related to future foresight, such as organizing events (Police Foresight Forum) and lectures throughout the country and also inviting experts to give lectures about futures studies and future scenarios. Moreover, I carried out a personal initiative by creating the first Arabic website that focuses on promoting the concept of foresight in the Arab world, based on scientific standards. Now, I’m in the process of launching a channel on YouTube for the same purpose.

In July 2015, I proposed that it is important to establish a Foresight Center within the federal government, to be affiliated to the Cabinet Affairs, and to establish as well a department for shaping future in every ministry to be directly linked to the above-mentioned center.

At the same time, I am the chairman of future Foresight Foundation in the UAE, Abu Dhabi. I'm also the founder and director of Ertwa Center for Gifted.

I have a master degree in science from University of Teesside, UK, and a bachelor's from Abu Dhabi Police College. I am currently preparing my doctoral thesis at University of Bradford, UK titled " Strategic Foresight: a New Approach in the UAE Government".