Association of Professional Futurists


SENA(Future Elites Institution)
Tehran / TEHRAN / IRAN / Middle East


Professional Background
Personal Foresight
Areas of Expertise
Personal Foresight, Entrepreneurship
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SENA(Future Elites Institution)

Iran’s National Elite Foundation
Short Biography
Saeed Rezaei is a professional futurist, specialized in Personal foresight, Scenario planning, strategic foresight thinking, CLA since 2002. PhD in Futures Studies, Research Fellow. University of Tehran, Department of New Sciences and Technologies. Tehran /Iran . I stablished a Personal Foresight Company in 2012 first and later developed a new organization “ Future Elite Institution” with the goal to generate Personal Foresight as a Vibrant Education for creating Future Elite.
I am also specialized in Entrepreneurial personal foresight, Futures Studies and Entrepreneurship and invention and innovation.