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Operations Research & Higher Education
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Anisah has 23 years of lecturing experience, was affiliated with five universities and has worked with 2GC as an associate consultant for six years. Her PhD (Operations Research, Strathclyde University) research focused on developing methods to assess performance management practices in the public sector and how this linked to quality improvement and balanced scorecard activities.

Anisah is an operations research analyst. She helps organisations plan strategically and design and develop performance measurement systems. Planning, measuring performance, and process design are inter-related for performance improvement. She uses foresight and scenario planning to help organizations go beyond just forecasting to generation of preferred futures. Her teaching and research work now extends to Futures Studies and higher education. In an effort to advance futures thinking, Anisah has created @Futures_Sandbox: an initiative for transformative action learning and youth development. The Sandbox aims to develop critical and reflective modes of awareness and inquiry. The Futures Sandbox is a collaborative and open platform for workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects to educate and inspire youth toward imagining and creating preferred futures. Anisah conducts workshops using games and exercises to take participants into a mental space of the future.