Association of Professional Futurists

Mark Sackler

Omansky Group, LLC
Woodbridge / CT / United States / North America


Areas of Expertise
Pharmaceutical Industry, market research, print and broadcast journalism
Other organisation memberships
World Future Society
American Assoiciation for the Advancement of Science
Short Biography
After graduating with a B.S. in Speech with Mass Communication specialty from Emerson College, I worked briefly in local and network radio before entering the pharmaceutical industry, in which I spent most of the last 40 years until 2015 in marketing, advertising, market research, publishing and technical sales. I am now reinventing myself as a professional futurist and am doing some consulting while focusing on a bigger goal of becoming a public advocate for more and better foresight in society. Note; additional foresight credit: I spearheaded the creation of the Connecticut State Legislature's 21st century action plan commission, intended to be a commission on the future, in 1999 and was appointed to serve on the commission. Unfortunately, it never completed its work due to lack of cooperation by some of the political elements involved. This only reinforced my resolve to continue to advocate for foresight.