Association of Professional Futurists

Allan Melo

Museum of Tomorrow
Miguel Pereira / Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / South America


Professional Background
T-Shaped specialized in Technology and Innovation
Areas of Expertise
Scenario Envisioning, Curatorship, Transdisciplinary Educational Programs, Hands-on exploration of exponential technologies, Tangible Art from Future Scenarios, Making, Programming
Other organisation memberships
Insider - Lenovo
tw:in - TrendWatch insight network
Short Biography
Allan M. Melo is a transdisciplinary professional concerned with the style and quality of life that people take and how they can be improved by the diffusion of new knowledge and experiences.

Specialized in technology and innovation, Allan M. Melo currently works as Experience Designer and one of the curators of the exhibitions of the LAA | Laboratory of Activities of Tomorrow, at the Museum of Tomorrow. It can also be considered Maker, Producer, Designer, Programmer, Artist, Researcher and a good father.

He was one of the founders of TechTudo,'s tech-journalism portal (Brazil's largest news website). While he was there, as Editor of the Mobile section, he traveled the world to cover companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, Asus and Philips.

As a futurist, he works especially with processes and tools to create future scenarios, in order to broaden the perspective of his participants so that they can be protagonists of desirable futures.

Allan has as scope of work individuals and companies focused on delivering outstanding, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and / or transformative experiences, information and sensations to as many people as possible using any technologies that can mediate and convey this to perfection.