Association of Professional Futurists

Joel Barker

Infinity Limited, Inc.
St Paul / MN / US / North America


Professional Background
Received a futures fellowship in 1974 that took me around North America and Euroope to meet and work with futurists
Areas of Expertise
Strategic exploration leadership and innovation
Other organisation memberships
World Futures Society
The Learning Network
University of Minnesota Alumni Association
Short Biography
1. Trained in secondary education
2. Fellowship to find and develop futures thinking tools for K-12
3. Hired by Science Museum of Minnesota to train teachers in these tools.
4. Trained 2000 in four years
5. Became Director of the Futures Studies Dept. 1975-1978
6. Left to form consulting company, Infinity Limited, Inc...1978-2014
7. Became leader in teaching the paradigms concept to corporations, nonprofits and governments
8. Made a paradigm video in 1984 that has been translated into 21 languages and is still in publication. More than 50,000 companies used it.
9. Made a video on Vision in 1989, 4 years before Jim Collins' book, purchased by more than 10,000 companies.
10. Wrote book on paradigms published 1989, still in publication.
11. Wrote and produced 8 more videos about the future. All best sellers.
12. Am presently working on my Toolbook for the Future and a Utopian novel set in 2084.