Association of Professional Futurists

Catherine Cosgrove

RES PUBLICA Consulting Group
Montreal / Quebec / Canada / North America


Areas of Expertise
Water futures, food futures, sustainability, survey of government foresight initiatives
Short Biography
With more than 17 years’ experience in the public, private and not for profit sectors, Catherine has a demonstrated track record of designing and implementing multi-stakeholder corporate strategic initiatives and in effectively supporting senior-level decision-makers with analyses and recommendations they can rely on.

After working with Clarica Life Insurance Company and the Canadian Cancer Society, Catherine served as policy director for the Quebec Liberal Party and subsequently as political advisor to Premier Jean Charest. As an independent consultant, Catherine delivered several research and analysis projects on sustainable development issues for UNISFERA International Centre, co-authoring various reports for United Nations organizations.

A member of the Quebec Bar, Catherine holds a master degree from the University of Houston (M. Tech. Studies of the Future).