Association of Professional Futurists

Ruben Nelson

Foresight Canada
Lac Des Arcs / AB / Canada / North America


Professional Background
Strategic advisor to senior executives in every sector, public commentator, futures researcher, strategic foresight practitioner/teacher, scholar.
Areas of Expertise
Strategic Foresight and Advice, Whole-of-Society Leadership, Briefings, Public Speaking, Public Policy, Societal and Civilizational change/evolution, Strategic Foresight 2.0
Other organisation memberships
Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, the World Business Academy, and the Meridian Institute for Change, Leadership, Governance and the Future. Past Board Member of the World Futures Studies Federation, past President of the International Association for Humanistic Psychology, past Vice-Chair, the Institute on Religion and Science. Past board member Enviros Wilderness School Association and Calgary Economic Development Authority. Present member Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore.
Short Biography
I was born and formed on the prairies of Alberta just a couple of generations after the "early days." So I learned early that nothing is impossible and that permission is not required to do it.
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I received an extraordinary education in the evolution of Western Culture at Queen's University (Kingston), Queen's Theological College, United Theological College (Bangalore) and the University of Calgary. This foundation has allowed me to see beneath the surface of change to notice deeper and more lasting changes before they have become obvious. This capacity is still the foundation of my strategic foresight and public policy work.

I have advised Prime Ministers, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Board Chairs, CEOs and Archbishops. I am equally comfortable in C Suites and church basements.

Today, I am recognized as a Canadian pioneer of serious futures thinking and practice. Over the years, I have designed and led future-oriented research projects, organizations, executive training programs, government programs and public policy formulation projects.

My current passion is personal-to-civilizational scale evolution and transformation. I work to explore and understand the quality of character and the societal conditions that are required for a whole society to successfully navigate its transformation into the next form of human civilization.