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Verne Wheelwright

Personal Futures Network
Harlingen / TX / US / North America


Professional Background
Personal Futures---International Trade
Areas of Expertise
Personal Futures, Speaker, Author
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WFS, WFSF, Toastmasters
Short Biography
After completing the Studies of the Future MS program at the University of Houston Clear Lake, I enrolled to do PhD. research under Graham May and Jeff Gold at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. That research focused on development of a system to apply futures methods to individual lives (Personal Futures: Foresight and Futures Studies for Individuals).
Founded the Personal Futures Network in 2006 ( order to make information about personal futures available to the general public worldwide. Published "The Personal Futures Workbook" in 2006, now in the fourth edition (2011) Published "It's Your Future... Make it a Good One" in 2010. Published "Small Business Foresight" (workbook) in 2011. The workbooks are all available as free PDF downloads on my web site.In 2012, two books translations of It's YOUR Future... were published "O SENIN Gelecegin (Turkish) and Es TU Futuro (Spanish). In 2012, "It's Your Future... Make it a Good One!" was awarded APF's "Most Important Futures Work." In 2013, the Japanese edition was published.
Have spoken about Personal Futures and conducted workshops in many cities in the U.S. and around the world (Copenhagen, Mumbai, Istanbul and others). In 2015, became a visiting lecturer in Personal Futures at the business school of Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico)
Within the APF, I chaired the Student Recognition Committee during its first four years. In 2012, I received an APF Leadership award for my work on this committee.

I have business experience in a number of industries. The common thread is international trade, which has taken me to about 50 different countries over the years. Some of the industries where I have considerable experience include:
Export and logistics worldwide
Paper, publishing and recyling.
Automotive parts and tools
Carwashing equipment
Community water systems