Association of Professional Futurists

Thomas Mengel

University of New Brunswick
The Glades / Canada / North America


Professional Background
Professor of Leadership Studies; Consultant; Writer
Areas of Expertise
Leadership (education); Project Management (education); Social Innovation (education)
Other organisation memberships
WFSF; WFS; ILA (International Leadership Association)
Short Biography
Dr. Thomas Mengel, PMP
Professor of Leadership Studies, Renaissance College, University of New Brunswick, Canada, email:

Thomas Mengel is a professor of leadership studies at Renaissance College at the University of New Brunswick since 2005 and an Academic Coach in the Faculty of Business of Athabasca University since 2004. He has been teaching in the field of leadership and project management for more than 30 years. He holds academic degrees in theology, adult education (minor in psychology), history, and computer science (minor in education and business administration).
Before joining academia, Thomas has held project management and leadership positions and worked as an entrepreneur and consultant in Europe and North America. His major focus is on the significance of motivation, values, and meaning in the context of project management, leadership, social entrepreneurship and leadership education. He is particularly interested in understanding and supporting personal and professional growth as well as leadership development and leadership education for the future.
More detailed information about his publications and background can be found here: