Association of Professional Futurists

Peter Padbury

Horizons Canada, Government of Canada
Ottawa / Ontario / Canada / North America


Professional Background
Geo-politics, geo-economics, security, sustainable development, international organizations, civil society, future of work, etc ...
Short Biography
Peter Padbury is the Chief Futurist at the Policy Horizons Canada, a foresight organization in the Canadian federal government. He manages a number of foresight processes and projects including the MetaScan, a collaborative scanning and foresight process that involves scanners across the Federal Government in identifying emerging issues and exploring their implications. Over his career Peter has led hundreds of foresight projects that developed vision, policy and strategy with federal government departments, NGOs, business and UN agencies on a wide range of themes – from the future of primary health care in Asia to the future of the UN Security Council. Peter has lived in Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand and Holland and had work related travel in over 50 countries. Peter has a master's degree in Future Studies from the University of Houston - with a focus on participatory foresight methods. He has been on the board of directors of number of organizations and is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.