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Christopher Kent

Foresight Alliance
Washington / District of Columbia / US / North America


Short Biography
Christopher Kent is a futurist, writer, researcher, and consultant with 20 years’ experience in global consumer insights. He has advised clients on emerging generational trends and their impact; future consumer technology usage trends; new media challenges in the 21st century; and emerging needs of tourists and travelers.

His client experience covers diverse companies in a wide range of fields, including Nokia, Hasbro, Univision, British Petroleum, Shell, McDonald’s, Johnson Controls, Abbott Nutrition, Carlsberg, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and Honda.

Previous gigs include Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor), where Christopher directed a team of public policy and geopolitical analysts in analyzing and explicating consumer, government, and social organizations’ behavior.

Christopher has a degree in history and English from Marquette University and an MA in medieval and Renaissance history from the University of Toronto. He lives and loves in Washington, DC. You can see what catches his eye daily by following him on Twitter