Association of Professional Futurists

Phil Tate

Totara Strategic Consulting
Wellington 6022, / New Zealand / Oceania


Professional Background
Senior commercial strategist
Areas of Expertise
Strategic management with emphasis on technology and sustainability
Other organisation memberships
As a member of Al Gore's climate change initiative I have done numerous presentations on the nature of climate change and its implications for both business and societies.
Short Biography
My background has encompassed the beginnings of IT in the mid-80’s, through banking and channel management to a more recent focus on corporate sustainability. The common theme throughout has been a real inquisitiveness regarding the major sources of organisational change.
My career started in the UK in the technology sector as a marketing strategist with ICL.
After moving to New Zealand in 1996, I transitioned to the banking sector with roles firstly as head of payment strategy and then digital strategy with Bank of New Zealand.
In 2002 I took time out of the corporate sphere to run my own building materials distribution business and learn the essence of the small-business world.
From 2006 with New Zealand Post I led firstly IT strategy and then sustainability strategy for the Postal Service business.
In 2011 I moved into consultancy work that is aimed at helping people and organisations understand significant global shifts in order to develop resilient strategies and plans.
A full breakdown of my roles is available at;