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Fee Scale for Developing Countries

The APF offers a fee scale for members in developing countries as shown in the table below. If you wish to take advantage of the discounted fee, please apply online but do not make payment. Please then contact Maree Conway to advise the fee category you believe you belong to, so that an invoice for the correct fee can be obtained. Classifications for fee scale are set according to World Bank Country Groups.


These amounts are rounded High Income / OECD Economies
Low Income Econimies
i.e. Keyna, Afghanistan
Lower-Middle Income Economies
i.e. India, Ghana
Upper-Middle Income Economies
i.e. China, Brazil,
Multiplier: 100% 12.8% 25.6% 48.7%
Discount Rate: 0% 87.2% 74.4% 51.3%
Full Member US$195 US$25 US$50 US$95
Provisional Member US$195 US$25 US$50 US$95
Associate Member US$100 US$13 US$25 US$48
Student Member US$50 US$7 US$13 US$24
Emeritus Member US$50 US$7 US$13 US$24
Organizational Membership US$500 US$64 US$130 US$245

Potential members who are able to pay the full APF membership dues (shown in the column headed ‘High income/OECD economies) are welcome to do so. The APF appreciates their generosity.

Note: If you live in a developing country and are able to pay the full membership fee, please apply and pay online. You do not need to contact the Membership Administrator.

Previously a Member?

If you have been a member of the APF in the past, and let your membership lapse, please contact Maree Conway to find out how to re-join.

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