Association of Professional Futurists

Membership Levels

Organizational Members: We are happy to welcome organizations as members of the APF, and up to three people can be nominated under an Organizational Membership. Additional Organizational Members can be added for an additional fee of $150 each person.

Please read the respective pages for each Member Category before you apply for membership.

We are excited that you would like to join this global community of people who care about the future, and will assess your application as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please email us at

The information you provide on your application form will be used for all APF correspondence. Your personal information will never to provided to any third party.

Full Membership Apply Now

Applicants for Full Membership must be recommended by a current Full Member AND meet a minimum of two of the Application Criteria listed on this page.

To apply for membership:

  1. Please complete the online application form
  2. Ask the current member nominating you to email to confirm their support
  3. Email a complete resume, bio or CV to

The current fee is $US195.

Application Criteria

You must meet at least two of these criteria to be eligible for full membership.


You have consulted with a minimum of two clients in each of the last three years, or three clients within the last 12 months on engagements that employ the perspective and/or methodology of futures studies. You will need to provide the names of clients, the dates and the nature of your work.

Organisational Function

You regularly use the perspectives and/or methodologies of futures studies in a full-time position within an organization. You will need to describe the organization, your position and your responsibilities/activities.

Postgraduate Education

You have successfully completed a postgraduate course in futures research, futures studies, foresight or a comparable field. You will need to provide details of the institution attended, course, semester and year the course was taken and the faculty member or advisor who can verify your study.

Certificate Program

You have completed an approved certificate program in futures research, futures studies, or a comparable field. Approved programs must issue a certificate of foresight or equal and be approved by the APF. You will need to provide details of the program attended, the month and year you took the program and an instructor or program manager who can verify your participation.


You have delivered a minimum of two speeches or presentations on the future (paid or not) in each of the last three years or three within the last 12 months. You will need to provide the title, the audience, and the date of the presentation.


You have taught a course on the future or futures theory or futures methodology. You will need to provide details of the institution, a description of the course and semester and year that you taught the course.


You have published a minimum of three magazine or journal articles and/or one book about the future or futures theory or futures methodology. You will need to provide the titles and citations of the articles or book.

Provisional Membership Apply Now

Provisional membership is available to people who are new to the futures field, or who believe they are doing futures work, but have no formal qualifications or professional experience in the field.

You can apply for Provisional Membership based on your own self-assessment of your skills and experience, or you may be granted Provisional Membership after an assessment of your skills and experience is deemed to not meet the requirements for Full Membership.

Please read the requirements for Full Membership before applying, as you will need to address these criteria when you apply for Provisional Membership.

Provisional Members are expected to develop their futures practice so that they meet the criteria for Full Membership within three years of accepting Provisional Membership.

If you are accepted into the APF, a member will contact you to discuss your professional development options.

Note that while a Provisional Member, individuals are not able to use the APF logo or appellation.

To apply for a Provisional membership:

  1. Please complete the online application form
  2. Email any supporting documentation to

The current fee is $US195.

Associate Membership Apply Now

A new category of membership introduced in 2011, Associate Membership is available to graduates of a university program in futures research, futures studies or a comparable field, or is an entry level associate with a mentor or employer who is a foresight professional, preferably an APF full members.

Associate member status is limited to three years following graduation, by which time the member is expected to have built his or her futures experience to be able to qualify for Provisional or Full Membership.

Associate members have complete access to APF services. It is asked that Associate Members refrain from using the APF logo/appellation.

Proof of graduation, mentorship, or an entry-level associate position must be submitted as part of the application process.

To apply for an Associate membership:

  1. Please complete the online application form
  2. Email proof of graduation, mentorship or entry level associate position to

The current fee is $US100.

Student Membership Apply Now

Students enrolled in an accredited course or program in futures studies or in a related discipline are encouraged to join the APF. You will pay a reduced membership fee for the duration of your studies.

We promote professional excellence in futures studies so support formal training in the field. We are also keen to introduce students to the professional futures community through your participation in the APF.

For more information about the APF student membership, read this article by futurist Verne Wheelwright.

To apply for a Student membership:

  1. Please complete the online application form
  2. Email any supporting documentation to

The current fee is $US50.

Organizational Membership Apply Now

An Organizational Membership is available for organizations with an interest or practice in foresight.

At least one applicant from the organization must qualify as a Full member. This member will be designated as the sponsor for the organization and will serve as the point-of-contact.

Each additional prospective organizational member must complete an individual application for full or provisional status in order to be admitted.

To apply for an Organizational membership:

  1. Please complete the online application form
  2. Supply necessary support documentation for designated members, including at least one who meets all of the criteria for full membership and who shall act as the designated point-of-contact
  3. If the full member is also a new member, ask the current APF member nominating you to email to confirm their support
  4. Email documentation to

Organizations are allowed three members for $500, compared with individual memberships for $195 each. Each additional organizational member is $150. Members must work with the organization at least 50% of the time.

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