Association of Professional Futurists


Many notable futurists, including some of our own members, have passed away. We have uploaded a number of obituaries here to remember them.


Ken Harris was an active member of the APF and a frequent contributor to our Compass Magazine. Please read his review of Dan Gardner’s book ‘Future Babble’.


Alvin Toffler was probably the most influential futurist of his generation. He died in his sleep at the end of June 2016. Please read the memorial we published in our Compass Magazine.


Joe Coates, who died in October at the age of 85, did much to improve the practice, profession and reputation of professional futures work. Please read our tribute for him from our Compass Magazine.


Although not definitively a futurist, Richard Neville held similar views and concerns as many futurists. Please read Richard Slaughter’s thoughtful tribute.