Association of Professional Futurists

APF Student Recognition Program

Competition Rules


Universities worldwide offering undergraduate, Masters and/or Ph.D. programs or degrees in Foresight and Futures Studies. Submissions should be sent by the sponsoring university to Peter Hayward, SRP Chair or Charles Brass Review Coordinator.

Each university can submit up to five student works that the university considers to be of exceptional quality in terms of originality, content, and contribution to the field. No more than three entries can be submitted in any one category, i.e. graduate individual. Submissions may include papers or projects by individuals and team and must be formal papers, projects, and products.

Submissions are limited to one per student (that is, they should submit only one entry in one of the four categories). To be eligible for an award, all students must have been formally enrolled at the time the work was carried out. Each submission should be no larger than 20 pages.


Undergraduate Individual paper or project

Masters degree student Individual paper or project

Masters degree students Team paper or project

PhD student Published research paper

New media Projects that are not in written format ie video, Prezi, etc.


Quality of content


Contribution to the field of Foresight and Futures Studies

Appearance and Presentation


Judging is by a committee consisting of four to 10 members from across APF membership. Ideally, three members will come from Australasia, three from Europe/Africa and three from the Americas, plus a Chair and Review Coordinator.

Time Table

Submissions must be received by January 30, following the academic year. i.e. the deadline for the 2016 submissions is January 30, 2017.

Winners are announced in July.


All winners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Association of Professional Futurists.

First place winners in the graduate and Ph.D. individual category will receive a choice of:
(1) a two year Student Membership in APF, or
(2) the registration fee (excluding residency) for one APF meeting within two years of the award.

Second and Third place winners will receive a one year Student Membership in APF.

First, Second and Third place winners in the New Media category will receive a one year Student Membership in APF.

All Winners are featured in the next Compass Newsletter, and announced to the full APF membership as well as posted on this website.